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Get bigger, faster and stronger with weight training supplements.

Move ahead with confidence.

Unique weight training supplements scientifically formulated to help your body become bigger, faster and stronger.

Since 2001 our companies have been formulating and producing innovative nutrients, health products and supplements for gym training and other health disciplines.

Our Performance range was created out of a passion for sport, science, and what we felt was a lack of great products that actually delivered on their promise. We have worked with professional athletes to develop our products and test them in real life training and performance situations. We only produce the best supplements for weight training, cardio and a range of other sports, making us confident that they will deliver impressive results.

Regardless of your chosen sport, training or exercise regime, our unique and effective products allow your body to work to its optimum performance. We love getting to know our customers and hearing what they have to say about our products, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Where to buy?

Contact your local gym or supplement store and ask for gym training or weight training supplements. If they don’t currently stock our products, make sure you pass our details on to them.

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