Does testosterone give you a boost when working out? | Profound Performance Blog

Aging is the primary cause of low testosterone in males. It starts to drop before they reach 50 and continues to decline as they age. Low testosterone can cause a range of health problems, including loss of muscle mass, reduced bone strength, fatigue, increased body fat, low libido and much more.

Benefits of increased testosterone

If you have low testosterone levels, you may benefit from taking steps to increase them. Below are some of the ways that boosting your testosterone levels can be beneficial.

Increased red blood cell production

Testosterone helps to produce red blood cells which provides oxygen to the body and converts carbohydrates and fat into energy. Increased testosterone levels can help to prevent fatigue and create more energy.

Increased red blood cell production can also impact the health of the heart. Low red blood cell production can lead to negative cardiovascular health and heart health conditions such as heart attacks and coronary disease. With increased red blood cell production due to higher testosterone levels, the likelihood of these heart conditions and diseases developing can be lower.

Improved mood

Lower testosterone levels can be linked to a poorer quality of life, due to depression, irritability and fatigue. According to research into Testosterone replacement therapy, it was found that increasing testosterone led to a positive improvement in emotions and friendliness, as well as reduced feelings of anger, irritability, nervousness and stress.

Increased muscle and less fat

If you are living with low testosterone levels it can be difficult to build muscles and sculpt the body. A study measuring the effect of testosterone on strength discovered that muscle mass increased by an average of 20% across the participants after receiving testosterone. In addition to increase muscular strength, testosterone can also help to decrease body fat. Increased testosterone balanced with the correct exercise and diet can help to build more muscles.

Can testosterone help to improve workouts?

The benefit of increased testosterone allows the body to work harder for longer without falling into fatigue. The potential for increased muscle mass as a result of higher testosterone levels can also help build more strength naturally whilst being able to maintain endurance throughout workouts.

An improvement in mood due to higher testosterone levels can also help create a better workout, feeling more energetic and motivated. However, those with lower testosterone levels may feel irritated, angry and stressed out, making them feel unmotivated to workout at all.

An increased amount of red blood cells increase the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood to deliver more oxygen to the muscles in a workout. Increased levels of oxygen can significantly increase the energy production in the muscles and therefore improve athletic ability.

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