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The healthy and unique alternative Post-workout recovery drink


Give your body an extra boost to help speed up recovery times after a workout, with a high dose of one of the highest quality Vitamin C sources in addition to anti-inflammatory ingredient MSM and muscle energy boosting GMS-Ribose.

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Allows you to up your training regime due to quicker recovery.

Contains MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane), a potent anti-inflammatory molecule which is key to help prevent and recover from injuries.

Contains 1,000mg’s of GMS-Ribose, a naturally occurring pentose sugar that is essential in the body’s production of ATP. ATP is the primary ‘energy source’ for heart and skeletal muscles. Our body’s need to replenish ATP after periods of heavy, intense exercise or when cardiovascular conditions cause lowered oxygen levels in the cells.  GMS-Ribose can help the heart and skeletal muscles naturally replace ATP.

Contains 2,000mg’s of one of the highest quality versions of natural Vitamin C, sourced from acerola cherries compared to the typical inferior ‘synthetic ascorbic acid’ versions of Vitamin C.

Vitamin C has been scientifically linked to aiding a healthy heart, as well as general health and our immune systems.


Vitamin C
GMS Ribose
MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane)


GMS Ribose is a naturally occurring pentose sugar best known for its role in maintaining strong and healthy heart beats and is known to generate a physical energy boost. Perhaps the greatest and most important role of ribose to the athlete, is its contribution to the formation of adenosine triphosphate (ATP).

ATP is the ‘primary energy source’ for muscular contraction. Without ribose, our cells cannot manufacture ATP. Large amounts of ATP are lost during periods of heavy, intense exercise or when cardiovascular conditions cause lowered oxygen levels in the cells. Ribose can help the heart and skeletal muscles recycle and replace ATP. Taking ribose before & after exercise can help salvage more of these important energy molecules crucial to performance and the prevent performance related fatigue.

Ribose not only helps top up ATP levels throughout the entire body, it also reduces the time it takes to restore ATP back to normal resting levels after intense exercise. This is great news for every athlete engaged in training and sport, because efficient recovery is the hallmark of excellent health and good physical condition. Case studies also attribute the use of ribose as a successful treatment for muscle cramping and the elimination of severe stiffness, pain and muscle soreness experienced in response to physical exertion.


Methylsulfonylmethane is a sulphur packed molecule that has potent anti-inflammatory properties, which is key to athletes training and recovery. It is especially important to athletes recovering from injuries and works as a preventative to injury.


Quercetin is a natural compound found in grapes that is a counterpart to Resveratrol. Its primary role is an agent that removes senescent cells from the body. Senescent cells are the dead cells that our bodies cannot get rid of and get left behind. Senescent cells can prevent wound/injury healing and reduce the time it takes athletes to recover. It is considered an important role in both antiaging and sports medicine.


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Ingredients Amount per serving %DV
Vitamin C (natural source delivering 2gms) 2,000mg 2,222%
GMS Ribose 1000 mg *
MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) 50 mg *
Quercetin 15 mg *

*% Daily Value not established

OTHER INGREDIENTS: Stevia, Natural Fruit Flavor


BoostPRO™ is suitable for Vegetarians