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Don’t let muscle fatigue hold you back


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LacticPRO™ is a lactic acid inhibitor that helps you train smarter and harder, in turn allowing you to unlock reserves you didn’t know you had. It works by inhibiting lactic acid build up with lactic acid supplement reducers that typically cause muscle burn and fatigue.


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One of the key ingredients in this anti lactic acid supplement is an L Carnosine supplement, which is known to inhibit lactic acid build up. Lactic acid is produced by the muscles during exercise, physical exertion and is cause of the painful burn that you feel during and after training.

By inhibiting the lactic acid in your muscles, you can train harder and for longer periods. This is why supplements to get rid of lactic acid or reduce lactic acid build up, such as LacticPro™, are very popular with those who train on a regular basis.

LacticPRO™ can also speed up muscle recovery times.


Vitamins: B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12
Folic Acid


Take 1 to 2 capsules before physical exercise and in the event of extreme exercise take 1 to 2 capsules afterwards, or as directed by your physician.


Keep in cool dark conditions in the original package, protected from moisture, out the reach of children and consume before end of expiry date. Not for use by pregnant or lactating women. Always follow the advice of your health professional.


This Product and its statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to cure or prevent any disease.


2 Capsules




Ingredients Amount per serving %DV


500 mg* *


93.75 mg 20%
B3 4.5 mg 30%
B5 1.25 mg 25%
B2 850 mcg 70%
B1 750 mcg 60%
B6 500 mcg 30%
Folic Acid 100 mcg 25%
B12 2.5 mcg 100%

* % Daily Value not established

Vegetable Capsule (Cellulose), Silicon Dioxide, Ascorbyl Palmitate


LacticPRO™ is suitable for Vegetarians

Close up of man doing pull-ups CUSTOMER REVIEWS

KB: Your company is my favourite. Way ahead of the competition in regard to longevity. Just 7 days in- combined with the carnosine and some creatine- I am blown away. I feel and see huge pumps, more strength and stamina and seeing results already.

DF: I really liked this product. It seemed to increase my endurance and energy and it helped with inflammation in my muscles after the workout. I would recommend this product.

S: When ingested about 45 minutes prior to working out at the gym, the NitricPRO did enable me to lift heavier weights. It made me more energetic too.

LacticPRO seemed to alleviate post workout pain. Because of feeling less post workout muscle pain, and because the NitricPRO made me feel less fatigued, while working out as well as stronger, I was more eager to workout for longer and more often.

I also lost inches around my waist, since beginning use of the product.

AJ: I took one capsule before spin class and one after three times a week. I also took two capsules before my Saturday and Sunday long distance bicycle rides and two capsules after the ride.

The most objective comment came unsolicited from my husband who said:

‘ You are walking better and haven’t complained about joint/muscle in a while!’

During the month I limited my intake of other pain relieving supplements such as MSM, Curcumin and did not take NSAIDs.

DA: For such a minimal product it’s amazing I definitely noticed and increase in recovery.

I could feel my recovery in terms of decrease in inflammation the day after training… And a definite decrease in soreness to days after training.

DW: After spending some time with my genetic data and finding out I am at a higher risk for Alzheimer’s I am interested in everything that can eliminate free radicals and decrease inflammation. Research shows L-Carnosine to be a potent antioxidant and anti aging compound. I appreciate the quality and price point of this product.

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