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Alex Bishop

Professional Boxer

Boxing has not only improved my strength and fitness but also my confidence. I look better and feel better. I can’t praise Profound Performance enough this is the real deal and has made a huge difference to my boxing. After using these products, I am now faster, fitter and stronger than ever. I am confident in my own ability and I’m looking forward to competing in the ring.

NitricPRO™ is my product of choice. 5k runs are a big part of my training and I have never been able to do it in less than 20 minutes, after taking NitricPRO™ I have regularly been able to cut 2-5 minutes off my best.


Personal Trainer

I would encourage any person that is looking for a nutrition, weight management, fat burning and overall wellness program to train with the Profound Performance range. When I train my clients, I use innovative movements and exercises to truly challenge the body and unique cutting-edge philosophy facilitate incredible progress and results through training. Whether you are at a beginner or an advanced level, Profound Performance can absolutely help you attain your goals. I have introduced and using: LacticPRO™, BoostPRO™, NitricPRO™, and JointPRO™ products on my clients and every week I am seeing improvements and the results speak louder.


Mr. Midlands, Great Britain

NitricPRO™ Pre workout – A very good pump igniter, found an increase in alertness and energy. Ideal in the lead up to a gruelling session!

LacticPRO™ – I have been taken 2 LacticPro daily as instructed, considering I train twice a day with weights and 1 hour cardio I do not feel burnt out.

JointPRO™ – Was very sceptical with this product initially as struggled for years with elbow tendinitis. Side by side with constant physio it has completely cleared up!

BoostPRO™ Vitamin C – I find this to be a great product for energy, very good dosages and perfect for immune system.


WKO 2018 Champion

From Ballet dancer to professional Fighter, known as the ‘Burmese Python’ Nicola says “winning never stops – reaching the top of your game is an on-going process, and the journey is setting goals and achieving them”. The principles of training teach from the ground up and training starts with form and technique until these are mastered. What is important is making injuries almost non-existent, I incorporate Profound Performance products that assist in my mobility training to minimize injury.

I use NitricPRO™, BoostPRO™, LacticPRO™ and JointPRO™ which are all amazing products. In particular though, I am always impressed with the amount of mobility and muscle recovery I have improved upon since using JointPRO™ and LacticPRO™ – I am a champion and so are Profound Performance.

Gary Smith

GB Athlete

I have always been athletic and was originally competing for Great Britain and England until I unfortunately had an accident in 2004 which initially prevented me from competing in Athletics. Once an athlete, always an athlete and back in 2016 started to compete again at an elite level and my beloved sports world was back on my side. There’s something about JointPRO™ that really hits the spot and enables me the physical freedom of injury with the knowledge of healing at the same time.

A friend of mine Steve who likes running, had damaged his Achilles heel tendon, he’d tried all the exercises imaginable so he could repair and continue with what he loved doing but nothing was allowing him to do this. Having given him a tube of the JointPRO™ which he used daily, he couldn’t believe that 3 days later he was back in his running shoes and training again! I cannot speak highly enough about this product.

NitricPRO Logo

RB: I use the products when lifting weights, interval cardio workouts and yoga. I use the packets 3-5 times a week. I definitely notice a difference 10-15 minutes into my workouts. I have more lasting energy once I get my heart going.

DM: Being a pharmacist, I would first of all compliment your company on the quality of the ingredients and dosages used in the product.

I found NiticPRO increased my vascularity and muscle pump when used as a pre workout. My endurance also seemed to improve during longer strength training sessions.

FL: I personally think it’s a great product, since it has rescued me from a situation of extreme mental and physical exhaustion. I have been taking one sachet daily.

Based on my personal experience, I can confirm it works as it promises, and I would recommend it not only for people practicing sport, but also for whoever faces daily stress and challenging situations both mental and physical.

DW: Holding down a full time office job and running a yoga business on the side takes a lot of energy. I work a full 40 hour week, and teach 8 yoga classes. My personal practice includes 2 gruelling Judo and Jiu -Jitsu practices each week as well. I am always looking for the proper nutrition and supplementation to keep up the pace. I’ve been taking the NitricPro as a pre workout before my weekly Judo classes which are later in the evening. I have noticed increased stamina, energy and focus on days consuming the NitricPro. At 46 years of age, I need and appreciate all the help I can get.

TM: My wife and I have been using these supplements for about a month now and we have definitely seen a difference in our endurance during workouts and in our recovery post workout. We are able to workout longer without feeling as tired and we are not as tired or sore the next day.

I personally don’t like the taste of NitricPRO but my wife LOVES the taste. In fact, she likes the taste so much that she looks forward to taking the NitricPRO before going to the gym.

We think you have an excellent product that would be of benefit to anyone in the ‘older’ category that stays active. Heck, it would be of benefit to those that are hesitant to workout and these two products would probably be the extra boost they need to continue their path to wellness, better health and overall antiaging.

Kudos to your development team!

AG: I have found the product to work extremely well. When I first received the product I used it for 4 days and really had a lot of energy and felt happy. I stopped taking it for the next two days and did not have the energy nor the uplifted mood. I started taking it again and felt full of energy and willing to take on the challenges of the day. The product does work and works well for me. I am 70 years old and I was running around like I was 40 again.

S: When ingested about 45 minutes prior to working out at the gym, the NitricPRO did enable me to lift heavier weights. It made me more energetic too.

LacticPRO seemed to alleviate post workout pain. Because of feeling less post workout muscle pain, and because the NitricPRO made me feel less fatigued, while working out as well as stronger, I was more eager to workout for longer and more often.

I also lost inches around my waist, since beginning use of the product.

KW: It works brilliantly. I found increased stamina and energy while playing tennis 4 times a week. I highly recommend the product for its effectiveness.

CH: I’m 66, on the days I jog it has really improved my workout and increased my times, it makes me feel stronger.

SM: I absolutely love the NitricPRO. I use it twice a day, once in my amino drink in the morning and once in my post workout drink and really really like it. The flavour/taste is excellent as well.

AL: Generally speaking it is a great experience. I think I developed much more endurance and strength. Also I need to tell you that this supplements are significantly improve my cardiovascular and respiratory systems. No shortness of breath, no limitations on workout. I highly recommend it to everybody.

DF: I really liked and enjoyed this pre workout drink. I have used this drink mixture several times now and I have experienced excellent workout with increased endurance, energy and performance. I would recommend this product with all training and workouts.

DA: With nitric pro everything just seemed to work better my pre-workout supplements improve my open sores that I have from type 2 diabetes.

I took my blood sugar level three times a day.

This product I maintained a glucose reading of a steady state, 15 points lower than usual. Not just once I’m talking All 21 days. The studies show that is what longevity is all about. Lower and steady…

Man I could feel it! I felt like a rock… I really miss it now that I used it all.

I actually licked the bottom of the packets to get the last residue out of them that’s how much I enjoyed it, really.

I have to say it just seemed to make all my trt medications pre diabetic medications, performance enhancement everything worked better… A top-quality product with, top shelf, highest quality nutrients packed with the most best type of free form arginine, like a whopping seven grams. you can really feel immediately.

LJ: What a great product. I work out 5 days a week and this has been a great addition to my supplementation. Guys, every day just after taking a dose of NitricPRO, I would get a very pleasant rush, it was like a surge of energy then would level off in about an hour. I have tried other Nitric products, but I do feel there has been some extra thought put into the formulation. It was very different. Pleasant drink, hopefully there will be other flavours. Going to have to buy as I don’t want to be without it.

BU: A definite help before exercise. Seems to increase stamina.

KWA: I have enjoyed the product so far, 5 days use. I am also glad I like grape, it’s very strong and flavourful. The extra energy is welcome.

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Joint PRO yellow and white logo

TS: WOW! From the very first try within seconds I found great relief from stressed and strained forearms, golfers elbow, wrists, lumbar area of the back which has a herniated disc between L5/S1 area, and my neck which C1 & C2 are out of alignment on a regular basis, and this cream is totally magic and does the trick!

I currently take CBD oil and LDN daily and they make a difference also but not as immediate and dramatic as JointPro! For me CBD oil & LDN work subtly and I stop taking them I do hurt. I have found JointPro is an immediate relief with no bad side effects, particularly an itchy rash I get from Voltaren prescription cream. I had given up on creams and ointments, even Arnica cannot compare to JointPro!

Customer and Consumer here for life! Thank you for all you do, create, and sell!

JD: I have severe tendinitis in my shoulder from an injury which limits my mobility. Since applying the joint pro even my physical therapist notice I have greater mobility and the pain has lessened!


Problem: Long term chronic tendonitis/Tennis Elbow.
First application: Applied in the evening, before bed. Felt sharp shooting pains along the tendons from the elbow to the wrist. A good night’s sleep, the best for a long time with little or no pain in the morning. During the day, movement tends to lessen the pain.
Second Application in the morning: No sensations and positive easing of pain and other sensations in the area.
Subsequent applications: After two days, a session of heavy digging of clay soil gave intense pain in the evening, probably not the best thing to do. This was soothed by the JointPro (but not completely). Further applications saw more improvement.
My verdict: It’s an excellent product. I have tried many things to relieve my pain over previous months with varying success. This works.

OL: For more than a year I experience some problem with my hip, not diagnosed yet.

I tried this cream a few times. I applied it 2 times a day, after waking up and before night (night is terrible for me). I really like the JointPro cream. It has nice, smooth consistency. My skin is never oily or greasy. The scent is nice, not dominate, then no one knows that I used it. I have really sensitive skin buy this product doesn’t make me any rush or unpleasant sensation. I didn’t fill cooling/warming sensation but I’m good with that.

After first use, I was really surprised because my pain decreased. Later on a few days of use I can tell that it is a very good product.

DC: What can I say it works. Not as dramatically and I hoped but after a few treatments a noticeable drop in joint discomfort. I’m a bit hampered having psoriasis on my joints but treating clear skin seemed to help.

SP: I have had a rotator cuff rip and therefore have pain in my shoulder and also the side of neck due to that injury. The pain is especially noticeable in the morning when I get up. I have used the JointPro every morning on the shoulder and side of neck vertebrae. At first I did not notice much difference in the area discomfort. I did notice the longer I applied the JointPro it did seem to have a cumulative effect on the pain level in shoulder. And I never did notice any warmth or cooling after applying. In fact, once after I showered I forgot to wait and applied it within a short time. I never noticed any discomfort doing that.—even later, when I applied immediately after showering.

On the product itself—I liked that it was not greasy as I had clothing over the area and did not have to worry about stains on clothing. Surprisingly I did find that using the product lessened the soreness I felt in the morning on rising—I really did not have any prior expectations of the product having any serious effects. I just also used it about half the time at night before going to bed for good measure, though sometimes I forgot, because there was not the pain I experienced in the mornings. Over time the morning pain also diminished to the point where it would be a few hours in the morning before I applied JointPro—as I was not experiencing as much discomfort when I got up.

SH: when I tried this product I thought it would be another cooling, then warming product.

I was amazed at it was neither, and the pain in my hands stopped.

Years of construction has made my hands older than I am, and JointPRO has made a difference in mobility, and pain relief.

Impressive! And I plan to order again.

DH: I really like this product. I’ve arthritis in multiple areas of my body and am always searching for treatments that can provide relief. Started off buying two tubes and applying to several fingers and one of my feet. The relief and improved mobility in my fingers was evident in days, while my foot is also feeling much better but more according to product guidelines. Very satisfied customer who’s already ordered two more of this product.

TM: HI, I think you have a great product. I am almost through my second sample and I feel that I have been getting relief from my knee pain, I noticed an improvement after about 4 days and have been rather pleased with the results. So much that I purchased 2 tubes from the Longevity Supplements Store. It was nice that it was at a great price too. So, I will probably continue to be a user of this product and will let my friends and family know about it.

KW: Both my partner and I were having lower backaches, we used the product and are extremely grateful for the elimination of the pain. keep up the great work on products.

K: I’ve used the product twice now. First day on my back and hamstrings before playing tennis. No aches and pains while playing but some soreness when finished.

Today, I put it on after play and no aches or pains. I love it.

CW: I now feel no pain at all.

RB: I used the JointPro on my right shoulder & bicep. It did help ease pain while I lifted weights. I used light weights and I didn’t feel any pain, which isn’t normal. I will purchase more of this and will give it a fair shot when used on a regular basis.

SW: JointPRO worked so well for me I bought 3 more bottles.

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Lactic PRO green and white logo

KB: Your company is my favourite. Way ahead of the competition in regard to longevity. Just 7 days in- combined with the carnosine and some creatine- I am blown away. I feel and see huge pumps, more strength and stamina and seeing results already.

DF: I really liked this product. It seemed to increase my endurance and energy and it helped with inflammation in my muscles after the workout. I would recommend this product.

S: When ingested about 45 minutes prior to working out at the gym, the NitricPRO did enable me to lift heavier weights. It made me more energetic too.

LacticPRO seemed to alleviate post workout pain. Because of feeling less post workout muscle pain, and because the NitricPRO made me feel less fatigued, while working out as well as stronger, I was more eager to workout for longer and more often.

I also lost inches around my waist, since beginning use of the product.

AJ: I took one capsule before spin class and one after three times a week. I also took two capsules before my Saturday and Sunday long distance bicycle rides and two capsules after the ride.

The most objective comment came unsolicited from my husband who said:

‘ You are walking better and haven’t complained about joint/muscle in a while!’

During the month I limited my intake of other pain relieving supplements such as MSM, Curcumin and did not take NSAIDs.

DA: For such a minimal product it’s amazing I definitely noticed and increase in recovery.

I could feel my recovery in terms of decrease in inflammation the day after training… And a definite decrease in soreness to days after training.

DW: After spending some time with my genetic data and finding out I am at a higher risk for Alzheimer’s I am interested in everything that can eliminate free radicals and decrease inflammation. Research shows L-Carnosine to be a potent antioxidant and anti aging compound. I appreciate the quality and price point of this product.

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TestoXLR8 PRO red and white logo

AD: As a professional trainer and fitness enthusiast for over 30 years now, I have encountered the same testosterone decreases decade after decade that plagued my male clients. The loss of self-esteem that comes with losing one’s hair and sex drive, not to mention force off your maximum lifts year after year, really sucks!

I’ve been put on testosterone replacement therapy, as most men do if they’re smart.

One of the drawbacks of TRT is extra estrogen being produced. TestoXLR8Pro easily handled the excess estrogen. It actually blocked DHT conversion too. I noticed some of the hair growing back that I lost during TRT and aging (androgenic alopecia).

Also, the restless nights I used to experience before starting the supplement have diminished considerably.

Overall, I can say it’s helped a sense of rigor and my immune system while fighting some of the detrimental aspects of aging.